More and more Texas schools are choosing to arm their faculty and staff with firearms, but are teachers prepared to shoot if a shooter is in their building?


From active shooters to intruders, making the call to “shoot” or “not to shoot” a firearm is essential, which is why On the Mark offers Judgmental Training for Texas schools. The Judgmental Training class can be brought to you, or participants can come to On the Mark’s classroom.

On the Mark’s laser range contains a lot of scenarios that could possibly arise in a school. These scenarios are designed and built for participants to interact with the scenario as if it were a real life occurrence.

Ray Dunn, CEO of On the Mark and Judgmental Training Instructor, explains the class as “very intense.” The participant and the instructor are the only two people in the room during the scenarios. The participant is provided with a laser gun, which is designed to look and feel like a real 9mm gun. Recoil is even present.

“Some people have cried during the scenarios, and some were so shaken up afterwards that they chose to end the training,” said Dunn. “This training is intense and very lifelike. We aren’t trying to scare anyone, but we do want them to be prepared because these situations happen every day. We want to help our educators protect our kids, which is why we provide this training.”

In addition to Judgmental Training, the laser range also serves as an indoor shooting range. Instead of going to an indoor/outdoor range, the shooting range can be set up in any room that does not contain windows. The benefit of the laser range is that it is compact, portable, and will save you time and money. By the end of each class, students would have shot over 1,000 rounds which would be comparable to spending about $500 worth of ammo at a traditional shooting range.

To schedule a Judgmental Training class or to purchase a gun range, email us here:

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